Our work

Work in progress
A.1. Updating national species action plan. Action carried out by LNF. Work in progress

The first lesser spotted eagle national species action plan (SAP) was preprared in 2000 and was supposedly valid for 5 years. Now the SAP should be revised and updated, using the latest information on species distribution, protection level and ecology aspects. 

In course of SAP’s updating, special emphasis will be paid to evaluation of measures taken for species protection since the elaboration of first national action plan as they can not be evaluated as sufficient. We will analyse the shortcomong of former implementation as well as set clear steps for species protection in future. Our aim is to achieve favourable conservation status of species. 

A separated chapter is SAP will be devoted to the problem of foraging grounds – guidelines for farmers will be prepared. 

The work of SAP updating will be supervised by Nature Conservation agency. It will be designated for the time period of 10 years. 

In 2019 the SAP update is in process. 

Work in progress
A.2. Nest site inventories. Activity carried out by LOB Work in progress

Nest site inventories is an essential precondition for further providing of necessary protection arrangements for the LSE. Therefore experts during the first four fieldwork seasons of the project will search for nests, using also the existing information about the potencial nest sites. Experts will also exaluate the nests and surrounding grounds and evaluate the stability of nest and make decision about the necessary managment activities and necessity to build artificial supports. 

The nest inventories will be carried out all over the country with an aim to fill the gaps between the existing Natura 2000 sites. Each of the found nest sites will be individually evaluated from the point of view of necessary protection. 

Expected results – preconditions created for ensuring a proper protection regime for 12.5% of national LSE population. At least 500 newly found nests.


A.3. Evaluation of the applied conservation measures. Activity carried out by LOB 2020

Detailed studies of lesser spotted eagles have been carried out in Latvia since 1980ies, however, the efficiency of applied conservation measures has not been scientifically evaluated so far. Therefore a comprehensive study will be made on breeding productivity, nest longevity, resttling and using of backup nests in relation to the applied conservation measures. Results of the evaluation will be published in an international scientific magazine, thus providing scientifically reasonable arguments for future planning of LSE conservation activities in Latvia and elsewhere in the species distribution range. 

The projected time of publishing the paper – end of 2020. 


Work in progress
A.5. Preparation works for habitat restoration in Nature Reserve "Lubāna mitrājs" area "Grīvu sala". Activity carried out by SIA "Tīravoti" Work in progress

Before actual habitat restorations are started in action C.5, the necessary technical drawings, designs will be prepared for road reconstruction and closing of the drainage diches in floodplain meadows. 

The technical project was prepared in summer 2018.