LIFE+ project “Conservation arrangements for Lesser Spotted Eagle in Latvia”

Our objective

The overall objective of the project is to improve the conservation status of Lesser Spotted Eagle (Clanga pomarina, previously Aquila pomarina) in Latvia - the key breeding area of species in Europe. Improvement will be achieved by conservation measures that are focused on two threats – loss of breeding habitat and availability and quality of feeding habitats. Project is focused both at Site-related conservation actions inside Natura 2000 site and Species related actions that are not site-related. The planned objectives and actions correspond to the goals for the species on EU level, as listed in both, national and European Species action plans. 

The specific objectives are:


  • To arrange the further coordinated planning of protection by updating of species action plan.
  • To interlink the existing Natura 2000 sites and to improve the connectivity of protected nest sites by the use of network of special protected areas, designated especially for the protection of species breeding grounds (so called microreserves).
  • To increase the proportion of national population that is adequately protected by 12,5% (500 pairs), reaching 22,5%.
  • To increase the expected longevity of LSE nests, included in this network
  • To improve the feeding habitats in nature park “Kuja” (restoration of 30 ha of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*), making the area suitable for 5 pairs of LSE) and nature reserve “Lubāna mitrājs” (Lubana Wetland Complex) (establishment of beef cattle grazing operation on 260 ha of grasslands, including restoration of 45 ha of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) and Northern boreal alluvial meadows (6450), making the area suitable for 5 pairs of LSE).
  • To educate the key stakeholders in the protection of species breeding and foraging grounds.
  • To raise the awareness of species conservation demands among general public.

Project duration:

  • 1 August 2016 – 30 September 2021

Project partners:

  • Latvian Fund for Nature – coordinating beneficiary;
  • Latvian Ornithological society – associated beneficiary;
  • “ELM Media” – associated beneficiary;
  • SIA “Tīravoti” – associated beneficiary.

Project people

Jānis Ķuze
Jānis Ķuze
Project leader, ornithologist, Latvian Fund for Nature
Maija Medne
Maija Medne
Grasslands expert, Latvian Fund for Nature
Andris Dekants
Andris Dekants
Ornithologist, coordinator of LOB activities
Ivars Silkāns
Ivars Silkāns
Head of Board of SIA "Tīravoti"


Since 1993 Latvian Fund for Nature has dedicated its work to preservation of biodiversity and protection of species and nature territories in Latvia. LFN has implemented more than 40 different projects related to restoration and management of nature territories. Amongst the staff of LFN there are some of the most recognised nature protection experts of Latvia. LFN also takes active part in protection of nature’s interests in legislation and works with environmental awareness raising among general public. In this project LFN acts as the coordinating beneficiary.
Latvian Ornithological Society is the largest nature protection organisation in Latvia. It was established in 1985 and since then more than 500 members have joined LOB. The mission of LOB is to protect diverse and viable wild bird fauna in Latvia. To achieve this, the society carries out research and conservation of birds and their habitats as well as educates and involves wider society in nature protection activities. LOB is the representative of the global partnership of conservation organisations BirdLife International in Latvia.
LLC “Tīravoti” is an organic farm pure-breed beef farm located in Mežvidi. The total area of the farm is almost 500 ha and it’s cattle is over 100 cows. The territory of the farm includes Grīvu Sala - one of the main project territories where LNF together with “Tiravoti” will carry out restoration of lesser spotted eagle feeding habitats and will create grazing territories for restoration of grasslands.
Since 2007 ELM Media creates awareness of nature and social issues by creating documentaries and implementing photo projects. The speciality of ELM Media is nature movies that depict both different nature processes and ecological problems. In 2009 ELM Media in cooperation with LFN created five educational movies for schools “Five stories about nature”. ELM Media also has created movies about Dviete floodplains, Kemeri National park, Gauja National park and many others. In this project ELM Media wil create a documentary - nature movie about lesser spotted eagle.


Project leader
Jānis Ķuze
Phone: 67 830 999

Communications assistant
Liene Brizga-Kalniņa
Phone: 29 110 527
Vīlandes iela 3-7, Rīga LV-1010