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Tīravoti have completed the first grazing season and are preparing for the road reconstruction works in Grīvu sala

Project partner SIA “Tīravoti” is an organic beef farm that owns one of the project territories – Grīvu sala. Grīvu sala is a part of nature reserve Lubāna wetland and it includes valuable and biologically diverse grasslands, as well as important bird areas. However, there are also a lot of overgrown and unmanaged territories. Up to know the biologically valuable meadows were mowed, but proactive habitat renovation and management did not happen.

The project plans to restore feeding habitats for lesser spotted eagle in area of 260 ha, including wooded meadows. One of the instruments for restoration is grazing. Last year SIA “Tīravoti” purchased 80 Sharolee beef and now the first grazing season in Grīvu sala is successfully completed. Currently the cattle is located in winter shelter of “Tīravoti”.

Part of Grīvu sala was also mowed and “Tīravoti” were lucky to obtain a good amount of hey that was not the case in the rest of country this summer.

The project works include also restoration of initial hydrological regimen in Grīvu sala by filling up the old drainage ditches. In order to do so, as well as to ensure the grazing, it is necessary to reconstruct the road leading to Grīvu sala. Road reconstruction project has been completed and recently preparation activities for reconstruction works are started.