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SIA "Tīravoti" has completed the purchase of cattle

SIA “Tīravoti” is an organic pure-breed farm with the farm centre located in Mežvidi, Kārsava region. They manage one of the project territories – Grīvu sala in Lubāna wetland complex. Establishment of grazing operation in Grīvu sala is one of the most significant conservation actions in this project, and we are very happy that the intial steps towards grazing are accomplished. SIA “Tīravoti” now are owners of 80 Charole cows. During winter the cattle will remain in Mežvidi where they are getting ready for the first grazing season in Grīvu sala. 

The grazing will help to restore feeding grounds in Grīvu sala as grazed grasslands are excellent feeding grounds for Lesser spotted eagles. They can hunt there for small rodents and moles, and flooded meadows with low water table also serve as good source of frogs.